Iranian Resistance condemns murder of Iranian writer, urges international investigation

The National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns strongly the killing of Mohammad Mokhtari, an Iranian poet and writer. His murder follows several other cold-blooded murders by the clerical regime.

The NCR urges international human rights organizations to also condemn this new wave of terrorist crimes by Iran's ruling theocratic regime.

The State Security Force had reportedly discovered Mokhtari's body last Friday in Shahr-e Ray, south of Tehran, but had not informed his family and relatives.

The recent murders in Tehran reveal the falsity of Khatami's claims about "the rule of law" and the "civil society." In his speech on December 7 at Tehran's Sharif University, Khatami brazenly said, "there might be some foreign hands who want to create insecurity in the society."

On the same day, Deputy Interior Minister Gholam-Hossein Bolandian described Darioush Forouhar's murder as "a move to create crisis for the state" and to prepare the grounds for "political exploitation by dissidents."

These remarks are nothing but a false scenario by the regime to erase the traces and conceal the true identities of the perpetrators and masterminds of recent murders. As the head of the Executive Branch, Khatami is quite aware of these schemes.

The National Council of Resistance again calls on international human rights organizations to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate the recent assassinations as well as the fate of those disappeared.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 10, 1998

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