Rajavi urges European Union to sever ties with clerical regime

In separate letters to the Prime Ministers of troika, the National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi, urged them to sever all diplomatic and economic ties with the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran "until the mullahs are prepared to hold themselves accountable to international calls to halt suppression, torture and execution of the Iranian people."

Addressing the troika on the eve of the bilateral talks on economic cooperation on Friday in Vienna, between the EU's troika delegation and the clerical regime, Mr. Rajavi pointed out that the talks were going to be held as a wave of assassinations since late November of writers and dissidents has aroused the repugnance of the Iranian people and as the leaders of the clerical regime, including Khatami, are working feverishly to conceal the true identity of the murderers and masterminds of these crimes, who are none other than the regime’s leaders and operatives.

Mr. Rajavi enumerated the crimes of the mullahs' regime during Khatami's tenure in and out of Iran, missile tests and the regime's increased capability to produce biological weapons. The NCR President reiterated that such visits and discussions will prove futile, embolden the Iranian regime to continue human rights abuses and export of terrorism, and run counter to the highest interests of the Iranian people.

Mr. Rajavi added: Any economic and political assistance to the criminal mullahs under whatever pretext, only strengthens the pillars of the regime in its totality and acts as encouragement and free rein to step up and continue human rights abuses and export of terrorism.

In concluding his letter, the NCR President emphasized: The unbridled escalation of the regime's internal power struggle, social discontent, urban uprisings, workers' and students' strikes as well as the economic crisis have created an explosive situation in society; one must expect bigger crises. Matters will doubtless be settled before Khatami reaches his second term as President and the regime will be overthrown by the Iranian people and Resistance. He added: In such circumstances, any investment in this regime is doomed to failure.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 16, 1998

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