Iranians stage rally to protest expansion of relations between EU and mullahs' regime
-NCR Exposes details on recent heinous murders by Tehran regime

In a press conference today in Vienna, the National Council of Resistance protested the expansion of relations between the European Union and the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran and unveiled new details concerning the new wave of heinous murder of writers and dissidents in Tehran.

Ms. Fereshteh Bolourchi, a member of NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee described as unacceptable the silence by the EU toward recent crimes in Tehran and called on the EU to take practical decisions to halt the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran and the increase in the assassination of dissidents instead of engaging in dialogue and rapprochement with the bloody rulers of Iran.

Simultaneously, a large number of Iranian supporters of the Iranian Resistance staged a protest rally in front of Austria's Prime Ministry office and the Foreign Ministry's office, condemning the reception given to the clerical regime's representative by the troika delegation. The resolution of the gathering notes: "Any expectation of improvement in the situation in Iran and prospects for reform in this medieval regime through "dialogue and negotiations" are far removed from realities in Iran today. Shaking hands with the fascist officials of the ruling regime in Iran is to sanction their heinous crimes. It only sends a message to the mullahs that they can continue their crimes without impunity. We call for the severance of these shameful ties and the cancellation of the trip by the regime's officials to Europe and vice versa."

Iranians stressed: "The time has come for the international community, and especially the European Union, to refer continuing violations of the most basis rights of the Iranian people to the UN Security Council to adopt specific and binding decisions such as imposing economic and diplomatic sanctions."

Ms. Bolourchi said: Some time ago, a special terrorist group was set up, consisting of members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and a number of agents from the Intelligence Ministry to carry out these murders.

Guards Corps Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the Counter-Intelligence Chief of the State Security Force, with a long record in terrorist activities, including the planning for the assassination in Rome on March 16, 1993 of the NCR representative, Hossein Shariatmadari, proprietor of Kayhan daily and a veteran Guards Corps member, Lajevardi, the son of Assadollah Lajevardi, the Butcher of Evin, also known as Iran's Adolf Eichmann, are among the commanders of this hit-squad.

The Guards Corps Commander in Chief, Major General Rahim Safavi, took part in a series of meeting where decisions were made to carry out these killings. Last April, Rahim Safavi said: "We must cut off some throats and pluck out some tongues." The reason for the regime to resort to these atrocities is the expansion of protests and popular protests engulfing the country in recent months.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 18, 1998

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