Futile attempt by mullahs' diplomat-terrorists to disrupt protest action against mullahs in Vienna

Following a gathering by the Iranian Resistance's supporters across from Austria's Foreign Ministry to protest the presence of Morteza Sarmadi, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the theocratic regime ruling Iran, a number of the mullahs' diplomat-terrorists drove to the location in two bullet-proof cars with diplomatic license, attacked the participants in the gathering and began to beat them up. When the Iranians and supporters of the Resistance reacted, the terrorists fled.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on relevant Austrian officials to arrest and prosecute the mullahs' diplomat-terrorists who are known by Austrian officials. The freedom of action by the clerical regime's killers and criminals in the capit al of a country which is the President of the European Union, is only the result of Western countries' placating policies toward the theocracy ruling Iran.

The NCR calls on Austrian officials to react appropriately to the criminal actions of the mullahs' agents and not allow this regime to turn Vienna, similar to Tehran, to a roaming ground for their terrorists to hunt down dissidents and expand their suppre ssion and terror to European countries.

This terrorist action in a European country at a time when there has been a new wave of barbaric murders resulting in the death or disappearance of eight Iranian writers and intellectuals.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 19, 1998

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