Iranians protest presence of mullahs' Deputy Foreign Minister in Vienna

Iranians residing in Vienna threw color-filled eggs yesterday at the vehicle carrying Morteza Sarmadi, Deputy Foreign Minister of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship, displaying their indignation and protest at the visit by this criminal agent to Austria. A member of Sarmadi's entourage who attacked the Iranians was also pelted with color-filled eggs.

A large group of Iranians residing in Vienna staged a gathering to protest Sarmadi's presence in Austria and his meetings with a troika delegation. They were chanting: "death to Khamenei, death to Khatami," "don't negotiate with the killers of the Iranian people" and "Sarmadi is a terrorist."

In the course of this gathering, Dr. Karim Qassim, Chairman of NCR's Committee on Environment, referred to the history of futile meetings between the European Union and Tehran's mullahs. He stressed that the meetings this time will also prove fruitless and only be exploited by the clerical regime.

Simultaneously, the NCR held a press conference in Vienna, protesting the expansion of relations between the EU and the medieval regime ruling Iran. She also revealed new details concerning the heinous murder of writers and dissidents in Tehran.

Ms. Fereshteh Bolourchi, a member of NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee, described as unacceptable the EU's silence vis-a-vis recent murders in Tehran and called on the EU to undertake concrete decisions concerning the deterioration of the situation of human rights and the increase in the assassination of dissidents.

She said: Shaking hands with the despotic officials ruling Iran is to sanction their ruthless crimes and a green light for the mullahs to continue their atrocities with impunity. These types of relations only cast a shadow over the relations between the Iranian people and these countries.

Ms. Bolourchi called on the EU not to expand their ties with the Tehran regime and refrain from offering loans and economic concessions to this regime. She stressed that the Iranian people will have no commitment to uphold contracts signed with this regime which is passing through its last phase of existence.

The reaction by Iranians in Vienna and before then, in Torino, Rome, New York, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, etc., against trips by the regime's officials shows clearly that the mullahs ruling Iran lack any popularity among the Iranian people.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 19, 1998

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