Mullahs' regime bent on spreading repression and terror to Europe's streets
-Near unanimous majority of Iranians outraged over expansion of ties between EU and mullahs

An official of the anti-human clerical regime told the mullahs' news agency that one of the main issues discussed between the regime's representatives and the European Union in Vienna was to protest over the presence and activities of Iranian Resistance supporters in European countries.

The news agency, IRNA, wrote that the regime "had protested strongly" against the "presence of terrorist groups" in Europe and the "policy of leniency and support by Western governments" for them. The state-run media published many reports and commentaries in the past two days in this regard.

Mohammad Mohaddessin, NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman, said that these brazen remarks demonstrated the extent to which that the European countries' policy of appeasing the theocratic regime ruling Iran has emboldened the regime to continue its policy of suppression and export of terrorism.

He added: In this way, the mullahs intend to spread repression and torture of their opponents to European capitals. Just yesterday, simultaneous with the joint session of the representative of EU and the regime, terrorists from the mullahs' embassy attacked and assaulted supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Vienna.

Mohaddessin stressed that the mullahs are asking the EU to restrict the activities of Iranian refugees and supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Europe at a time when their terrorists have been either condemned or prosecuted in many European courts, including Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy for perpetrating terrorist crimes. The heinous murder of writers and dissidents in recent weeks has aroused outrage and protest in Iran and among Europe's public. In early December the Untied Nations General Assembly condemned the flagrant violations of human rights in Iran. Late last week, the European Parliament unanimously censured the continuing rights abuses and grisly murders in Iran.

NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman described the clerical regime's anger toward the presence of Iranian dissidents in Europe and its propaganda campaign in this regard as indicative of the success of the Resistance to expose the crimes by the mullahs' medieval regime and its false pretenses about moderation.

Condemning the expansion of EU's economic and trade ties with the mullahs, Mohaddessin said: "Peaceful and lawful protests by Iranians against the presence in Europe of this regime's officials are clear manifestations of the Iranian people's opposition to these ties. The time has come for the EU to abide by the will of the majority of Iranians and impose political and trade sanctions on this faltering regime."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 20, 1998

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