A regime affiliated gang claims responsibility for recent murders, threatens to kill more

A group calling itself, the "Fedayian-e Islam," claimed responsibility yesterday for the murders of Darioush Forouhar, his wife, and two other writers, the clerical regime's press reported. The group boasted, "These revolutionary executions are a warning to all those whose pens serve foreign interests."

The position taken by this group, a criminal gang organized by the Guards Corps and the Intelligence Ministry, is a brazen threat to continue these types of killings. Facing escalating public discontent, expanding activities of the Resistance and growing of anti-government upheavals, the regime finds itself in need of these heinous assassinations, as never before.

The statement of the Fedayian-e Islam also demonstrates that the regime's efforts to blame these murders on "foreign hands and the Mojahedin" have completely failed. Now that the mullahs' face an international scandal over these killings, they are trying to down play their responsibility by blaming the murders on bogus groups such as the Fedayian-e Islam.

In an effort to evade domestic and international repercussions of the terrorist murders, Khatami, Khamenei, the Interior and Intelligence ministers, the Judiciary Branch, and other officials have attempted desperately in the past three weeks to attribute these murders to foreign agents, "Western Arrogance, Imperialism and the Mojahedin."

As the regime's president and head of the Supreme National Security Council, Khatami is responsible for these deaths and is certainly aware of the identity of the planners and perpetrators. He is nevertheless trying to prevent their exposure.

The Iranian Resistance again calls on international human rights bodies and organizations to condemn these heinous crimes. It demands that the mullahs' appalling human rights record be referred to the UN Security Council and that an international fact-finding mission be dispatched to Iran to investigate these murders and identify their perpetrators and masterminds.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 22, 1998

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