Khatami tries to conceal identity of masterminds and perpetrators of recent murders in Iran

While exposing deliberate attempts by the mullahs' President Mohammad Khatami and his faction to conceal the true identity of the perpetrators and masterminds of recent murders in Iran, the NCR calls for the dispatch to Tehran of an international fact-finding mission to investigate these killings.

Information obtained by the Iranian Resistance from inside Iran indicates that Khatami, his Interior Minister and other cabinet official are fully aware of the identities of the murderers, the chain of command and those behind the scene, who are none but members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Intelligence Ministry agents and regime's leaders.

In order to "protect the regime's totality," and gain concessions, Khatami --in agreement with Khamenei-- has prevented any revelations in this regard.

Based on this information, from the outset, Khatami and his confidants have been aware of the details of the assassination of Darioush Forouhar and the identities of the murderers. Forouhar's residence had been under constant surveillance by the Intelligence Ministry since long ago. Claims by Khatami and his faction of conducting investigations about the identity of the murderers are only a deception.

It is common knowledge that Khatami and his faction know who the killers are. In order to exert pressure on, and gain concessions from, Khamenei's faction, a number of pro-Khatami dailies have threatened to reveal the identity of the assailants. The pro-Khatami daily Towse'eh quoted a group affiliated with Khatami on December 26 a warning that should relevant organs, the State Security Force, and Security and Judiciary officials not introduce and prosecute the perpetrators of recent murders within 72 hours, they would inform the public of the identities of the main perpetrators of these murders, from top to bottom.

Referring to the rival faction in a December 22 interview about these murders with Sobh-e lran daily, Mostafa Tajzadeh, Deputy Interior Minister for Political and Social Affairs said: They "want to impose violence on society to recapture the bunkers they have lost."

Khordad daily of December 23 wrote: "By attributing the murders to [elements] abroad... they want to escape from being blamed and held accountable." The same daily wrote on December 27: "Those who promote the culture of violence in society and support these kinds of actions, share responsibility in these incidents." Salaam daily added on December 24: "Perhaps a zealous group... commits these murders under the pretext of fulfilling religious duties."

The National Council of Resistance of Iran holds the regime's entire leadership responsible for these hideous murders. The NCR again demands that the clerical regime's unbridled terrorism in Iran and abroad be referred to the United Nations Security Council for the adoption of binding decisions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 30, 1998

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