Head of Judiciary again attributes murders to "state's enemies"
-Iranian Resistance calls for dispatch of fact-finding mission to Iran and UN Security Council's investigation

Speaking at Tehran's Friday prayer congregation today, mullah Mohammad Yazdi, head of the Judiciary, once again tried to attribute the recent wave of murders to the "enemies of the state and the Islamic regime," in order to conceal the role of the clerical regime's highest officials in these crimes.

Several mysterious murders have occurred in the past few days in Tehran and other cities. The victims of these heinous killings had already been threatened to death by the Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office, the victims' relatives say.

In another development, the regime's media reported that the recent murders have been referred to the Military Tribunal for further investigation. This is designed to conceal the identity of the murderers and prepare the grounds for further stage making or sham trials as was the case with the murderers of Christian priests in Iran in 1994.

According to the regime's laws, only those cases are referred to the military tribunal when the offenders are members of the military force, committing an offense upon the orders of their superiors. A number of the state-run dailies described the Judiciary's action as being illegal.

So obvious is the clerical regime's involvement in these murders that, amidst an internal power struggle, the regime's factions threaten each other to reveal the identity of the murderers. A pro-Khatami Majlis deputy Rassoul Montajebnia said, "If their security is guaranteed, some judges are prepared to identify the perpetrators of the recent actions against security of society." (Khordad daily, December 24, 1998) In order to "protect the regime's totality," and gain concessions, however, Khatami --in agreement with Khamenei-- has prevented any revelations in this regard.

The National Council of Resistance again calls for the dispatch of an international fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate these crimes, and demands that the clerical regime's human rights abuses and terrorism be referred to the United Nations Security Council for the adoption of binding decisions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 1, 1999

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