Fearing weakening of pillars of repression, Khamenei heaps praise at Intelligence Ministry

Following the revelation of the Intelligence Ministry's role in the recent murders of dissidents in Iran, mullahs' leader Ali Khamenei described the Ministry's agents as "capable managers" and "sincere cadres", in order to prevent any disruption in suppression.

Addressing Tehran's Friday prayer congregation, he explicitly said: "If it were not for Intelligence Ministry's agents, do you think this revolution could have survived? ... To them, I say: Don't lose your morale. Keep tight in your trenches."

Fearing the exposure of identities of the masterminds of these murders and similar assassinations over the past years in Iran and abroad - who are none but the clerical regime's leaders - Khamenei tried brazenly to blame the killings on foreign agents. He said: "I cannot believe and accept that these murders were carried out without any foreign scenarios."

At Khomeini's mausoleum last night, mullahs' president Khatami paid tribute to Khamenei as the "great leader" and referred to "the roots of these murders abroad."

As such, the clerical regime's leaders demonstrated their unity of action in trying to conceal the identities of the masterminds of the recent terrorist crimes as well as their common concern over the weakening of the Ministry of Intelligence and endangering the survival of the religious, terrorist velayat-e faqih dictatorship.

The Intelligence Ministry's acknowledgment of its full responsibility in recent murders, confirms the role of the clerical regime and its Intelligence Ministry in dozens of terrorist operations in recent years in Iran and abroad. The Iranian Resistance again calls for the dispatch of an international fact-finding delegation to Iran to investigate and identify the principals and perpetrators of these heinous murders in Iran and abroad and clarify the role of the regime's leaders in these killings.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 9, 1999

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