Iranian Resistance strongly condemns visit to Iran by Foreign Office envoy

Ms. Beheshteh Shadrou, Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Britain, strongly condemned the visit to Iran by Mr. Derek Promily, head of the Middle East section in the British Foreign Office, and any meetings and talks held with the officials of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship.

The NCR representative said: The visit to Iran by a Foreign Office official comes while the exposure of the role of the Intelligence Ministry in the murder of dissidents and writers has created a major scandal for the regime. Moreover, the state-run press have quoted a former Majlis deputy as saying that the Intelligence Ministry has assassinated at least 120 people in Iran and abroad during the 90s.

Ms. Shadrou added: According to the figures published in the clerical regime's press, more than 300 people have been hanged in public and eight stoned during Khatami's tenure. During the same period, the status of women has not improved, as women are facing even more restrictions with the adoption of new laws like the law on the segregation of health centers and hospitals.

The NCR representative said: Despite Britain's abandoning of its demand that the clerical regime pledge in writing not to take any action against Salman Rushdie, the bounty for his head was raised to 3.1 million dollars and pro-regime agents have declared their readiness to kill the British writer. In such circumstances, the British official's visit to Tehran will only encourage export of terrorism and fundamentalism and more murders by the clerical regime.

The mullahs' regime, on its last leg, is engulfed in a vicious power struggle and incapable of confronting the growing nationwide resistance. Any political or economic investment in this regime is doomed to fail and will adversely affect the future relations between the two nations of Iran and Britain.

Representative office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Britain
January 13, 1999

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