Subsequent to Khatami's investigative committee, Tehran's Military Prosecutor puts a lid on role of regime's factions in recent killings
- Iranian Resistance reiterates call for dispatch of international fact-finding mission to Tehran

The state-run radio and television broadcast an interview yesterday with Tehran's chief military prosecutor mullah Mohammad Niazi who said: "Those accused of having committed the mysterious murders... are not in any way affiliated with any of the political groups and factions... The involvement of the hidden and foreign hands in these murders has not been ruled out. It has rather been strengthened."

The clerical regime is thus trying once again to exonerate the regime's leaders, the Intelligence Ministry and the ruling factions from having been involved in the recent political killings in Tehran, blaming them instead on "hidden and foreign hands."

Mullah Niazi emphasized that the committee investigating the mysterious murders, appointed by the mullahs' President Khatami and endorsed by Supreme Leader Khamenei, cooperates closely with the Military Prosecutor's Office in this case. Earlier, despite different evidence and admissions, Khatami's committee had denied any involvement by the regime's political factions in the killings.

It becomes clear that what has been undertaken under the guise of investigating these murders, is merely an attempt to conceal the role of the regime's leaders and keep intact the Intelligence Ministry's murder machine and the Guards Corps which have masterminded and perpetrated the killings.

The Iranian Resistance, therefore, urges intervention by the international community and the United Nations as well as the prosecution of the regime's leaders as enemies of humanity in an international tribunal. The clerical regime and Khatami's government lack competence or legitimacy to carry out these investigations. It is imperative that relevant international delegations, accompanied by representatives of the Iranian Resistance, intervene in this case.

The National Council of Resistance also calls for the immediate intervention of the UN Security Council to adopt serious and practical measures to punish the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 21, 1999

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