Iranian Resistance call on EU to send fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate recent political murders

In separate letters to EU foreign ministers, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee, pointed to the admission by the leaders of the clerical regime to the role of the Intelligence Ministry in the recent murders of Iranian writers and dissidents in Iran.

He underscored the need to dispatch an international fact-finding mission to Iran to investigate these killings and identify the perpetrators and masterminds of these and other assassinations in and out of Iran in the past decade. Mohaddessin also urged them to pressure the clerical regime to accept such a delegation.

NCR's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman called on EU foreign ministers to refer the the violations of human rights and terrorism by Iran's ruling medieval dictatorship to the U.N. Security Council to adopt binding decisions in order to confront the continuing repression, torture, executions and assassinations by this regime. He urged them to put this issue on the agenda of the upcoming fifty-fifth session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Mohaddessin said: "Under pressure from domestic public opinion and international outrage, the Tehran regime ultimately found no recourse other than to admit to a small part of the truth in order to keep the Intelligence Ministry, the Guards Corps, the vali-e faqih (Supreme Leader) and the President immune from the repercussions of these hideous murders. The regime's leaders have so far done their utmost to prevent the exposure of the names, positions and the chain of command of the assailants - the most basic matters that should have been made public."

Referring the files of those charged in these crimes to the Military Prosecutor's Office pursues no aim other than to further limit the revelation of the secrets about these murders, Mohaddessin noted.

He added that the statement by the committee investigating these killings that "none of the political groupings and factions were involved in the murders," and similar remarks by Tehran's military prosecutor mean precisely that fearing the domestic and international repercussions of these crimes, the mullahs are engaged in damage control in order to safeguard the regime's very existence.

Mohaddessin reiterated: "Now that the role of the clerical regime in these horrific crimes has been established, there is no reason whatsoever for leniency toward, and appeasement of, Iran's bloody rulers."

"Signing any new contracts with, and granting concessions to, this regime while it prevents the unveiling of the identities of the masterminds and perpetrators of these crimes, run contrary to all recognized human rights principles and lack any legitimacy," he added.

NCR's Foreign Affaris Commitee Chairman emphasized: Hosting the Iranian regime's senior officials or trips by high-ranking foreign officials to Iran and shaking hands with the murderers of the Iranian people is no longer justified.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 27, 1999

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