With Khatami's approval, a number of perpetrators of recent political killings were released

Reports from Iran say that subsequent to behind-the-scene deals among the regime's internal factions, Khatami has agreed that a number of those involved in the recent political killings be released.

Mohammad Sharifzadeh, an Intelligence Ministry deputy director general, is among those freed. Two other key perpetrators of the recent killings used the Ministry's facilities to escape from Iran to another country. One of them uses the pseudonym Hamid A'alami.

By referring the files on these murders to Tehran's Military Tribunal, the clerical regime had attempted to help the murderers whom it has reluctantly arrested to escape punishment.

The release of these criminals renders futile any expectation that the clerics would conduct investigations implicating their own officials.

The Iranian Resistance again calls for the dispatch to Iran of an international fact-finding mission to investigate these murders and identify the real masterminds and perpetrators.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 2, 1999

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