Unrest in Isfahan

The situation in the city of Isfahan (central Iran) is reported tense, reports from Iran say. To prevent the expansion of protests by the public, the regime has declared a de facto martial law in the city. Contingents of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and the security forces have been stationed throughout the city.

Isfahan residents in areas around Darvazeh Shiraz, south of the city, staged a demonstration on Sunday, February 14, chanting "death to Khatami, death to Khamenei." They shattered windows of government buildings in that part of the city. The State Securit y Force intervened and arrested a large group of people.

The day before, a group of students at Isfahan University clashed with the Revolutionary Guards and club-wielding hooligans to prevent them from attacking female students. A student was severely injured in this clash, promoting the students to stage a str ike on campus which still continues.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of IranFebruary 15, 1999

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