Fearing revelation of its role in murder of German national, clerical regime falsely attributes killing to Mojahedin
- Iranian Resistance calls for dispatch of international fact-finding mission

On the third day of the suspicious murder of the German national, Heinrich Lambert Heimess, the state-run Ressalat daily quoting "one of the officials of the State Security Force in Kashan," absurdly claimed that "after committing the crime, the murderer introduced himself as a member of the Mojahedin"!

Blaming this crime on the Mojahedin has doubtless been upon the instruction of the clerical regime's Intelligence Ministry, which did exactly the same thing in the course of the recent political killings.

The Intelligence Ministry, however, must have failed to notice that on Saturday, the state radio, television and official news agency, IRNA, and on Sunday, most of the state-run press, reported that the murderer was killed by the State Security Force immediately after committing the crime. Citing IRNA, Agence France Presse had reported on February 13: "Without giving any further details, IRNA said the armed man... was shot dead by the security forces while trying to escape."

The state-run Kayhan daily, also wrote yesterday that the murderer had been killed by members of the State Security Force after killing the German national.

The state-run Iran News daily pointed to the regime's role in his murder in its editorial yesterday: "This murder, blamed by the officials on a lone fugitive, is the latest in a series of mysterious murders which the Intelligence Minister admitted were the work of "wicked individuals." The newspaper added: "After the recent unsolved murders in Tehran, a cloud of insecurity has fallen over the capital."

The AFP also cited a diplomatic source today as saying that Mr. Heimess was travelling in a diplomatic car along with the defense attach'e of the German Embassy. "Armed men pulled out the attach'e and the wives of the two men before hijacking the car and subsequently killing Heimess who was behind the wheels."

In the course of the political murders over the past months, all of the regime's leaders tried to evade this major political scandal by blaming the murders on the United States, Israel and the Mojahedin. This time, too, the Intelligence Ministry has resorted to the same old tactic. This bold-face lie before anything else reveals the suspicious nature of, and the regime's role in, this murder.

The Iranian Resistance calls for the dispatch of an international fact-finding mission to investigate the murder of Mr. Heimess.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 15, 1999

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