Wave of executions and arrests in Iran

In recent weeks, the theocratic regime ruling Iran has resorted to a new wave of executions and arrests in different parts of the country to confront the spread of popular protests.

Reports indicate that a large number of Mojahedin sympathizers and former political prisoners in different cities have been arrested, imprisoned and put under torture. In Hamedan (western Iran), a large number of prisoners were arrested, among them two former political prisoners by the names of "Sirati" and "Javadi."

The mullahs' anti-human regime executed eight prisoners on February 14 in Tehran. The number of victims of executions announced during Khatami's presidency thus exceeds 320.

In another development, eight prisoners, six of whom were on death row, escaped from Firouz-abad prison in Fars province (southern Iran).

The Iranian Resistance calls on international human rights organizations to condemn increasing executions and continuing and escalating violations of human rights in Iran and to take binding decisions to confront the mullahs' abuse of the Iranian people's most basic rights.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 16, 1999

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