Khatami's cabinet spokesman emphasizes that Rushdie's death decree cannot be rescinded

On the anniversary of the anti-Islamic and anti-human fatwa to murder Salman Rushdie, Ata'ollah Mohajerani, Khatami's cabinet spokesman and Minister of Guidance, last night announced upon Khatami's instructions that the fatwa will continue to remain in force.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns Mohajerani's remarks which indicate that nothing has changed within the medieval mullahs' regime whose leaders, including Khatami, have no way but to step up domestic repression, and export of terrorism and crises in order to forestall their inevitable overthrow.

Remarks by Khatami's cabinet spokesman reaffirms that the Cook-Kharrazi accord last September in New York, was nothing but a shameful collusion to facilitate economic trade. As far as it concerns Rushdie, as the UN Human Rights Commission's Special Representative, Professor Maurice Danby Copithorne, stated in November 1998, that "any understanding that may have been reached between governments, does not necessarily remove such a case from my own agenda."

In statements made on February 13 and 14, mullah Hassan Sane'i, one of Khatami's confidants and head of the state-run 15th of Khordad Foundation, and the Revolutionary Guards Corps described the death decree for Salman Rushdie as an eternal edict and stressed that it cannot be rescinded. Last week, a majority in the British House of Commons declared in a statement that nothing had changed in Iran, including the continued threat to Salman Rushdie. They supported the Iranian people's Resistance led by the Mojahedin and the National Council of Resistance, the democratic alternative to the clerical regime, and urged the British government not to pursue improved ties with it.

The NCR draws the attention of international bodies to the clerical regime's export of terrorism which is today officially backed by its responsible officials.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 16, 1999

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