Clerical regime desperately tries to attribute political killings to foreigners
-Iranian Resistance urges dispatch of international fact-finding missions to identify principals and perpetrators of murders

In an interview with the state-run television, mullah Mohammad Niazi, TehranÕs chief military prosecutor, who is in charge of investigating the case of recent political murders, again brazenly attributed these murders to foreign elements.

He claimed: "As the investigations have continued, the probability of foreign intervention in these murders has been reinforced." He also claimed that one of the accused, extradited by Turkey, was self-employed.

Emphasizing that "discovering the motives and roots of these murders requires time," and that the judicial system does not intend to "sacrifice time for speed," he made it palpably clear that the regime does not intend to make public the names of the principals and perpetrators of these crimes and prosecute them. In this way, it is buying time in order to lay the case to rest.

It thus becomes clearer every day that when the regime's leaders speak of "investigating" and pursuing this case, they have no objective other than concealing their own role in the killings and preserve the Intelligence Ministry's apparatus of terror and murder.

Underscoring the fact that the clerical regime, including Khatami's faction, is devoid of any competence or legitimacy to pursue these cases, the Iranian Resistance again calls for the dispatch of a qualified international fact-finding mission to investigate these crimes and identify and expose those responsible.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 23, 1999

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