2,000 arrested in Sanandaj
-A number of high school students killed in clashes on Monday

Following the heroic uprising of the people of Sanandaj last Monday, February 22, the revolutionary Guards Corps and Intelligence Ministry forces launched a major wave of arrests in that city. 2,000 of the city's youths have been arrested so far, reports from Iran say.

A number of high school students, including girls under 13 years of age, are among those killed on Monday. Also a large number of wounded are presently hospitalized.

The clerical regime has imposed a de facto state of emergency on Sanandaj in order to take control of the situation. Members of the Guards Corps and security forces are stationed throughout the city. A large number of Guards Corps units and security agents have been dispatched to Sanandaj from nearby cities, particularly from Kermanshah.

NCR President Massoud Rajavi has written to the UN Secretary General urging immediate intervention to save the lives of those arrested.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 24, 1999

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