Chanting "down with Khamenei, down with Khatami," tens of thousands demonstrate in various cities in Iran
- Thousands of youths arrested across the country

On the eve of the "Islamic Councils'" elections, tens of thousands of people staged anti-government demonstrations and shook the foundations of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Following the February 15 protest in Jajarm, northeastern province of Khorassan, where all the people of the city demonstrated against the clerical regime, agents of the Intelligence Ministry and the Guards Corps launched a major wave of arrest in this city and the surrounding cities and towns. Due to lack of space in prisons, 2,000 persons were taken to the Azadi sports Stadium and after two days transferred to the prisons in the city of Bojnourd. The people of Jajarm and Garmeh and nearby cities will not take part in the "Islamic Councils' " elections, reports from Iran say.

News from Sanandaj (capital of Iranian Kurdistan) say people confronted the State Security Force with molotov cocktails in the demonstration on February 22. The Guards Corps used 40 helicopter gunships to suppress the 50,000-strong demonstration, the same reports indicate.

At least 20 were killed and 2,000 arrested during the riots in Sanandaj. People confronted the State Security Force with molotov cocktails also in front of the "Rassoul-e Akram" hospital from 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., when the regime was forced to hand over the corpses to their relatives. The regime also prevented the relatives of those wounded in the protest from visiting them.

Widespread arrests are still going on in Sanandaj and a state of emergency is in force. To create an atmosphere of fear and terror and prevent similar incidents, the Army's ground force will soon launch an operational exercise in Sanandaj.

In the course of the demonstration last week of the people of Orumieh in front of the Turkish consulate in this city, people chanted "down with Khamenei, down with Khatami." Agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the revolutionary Guards Corps attacked the protesters. At least three were killed, 16 wounded and 200 arrested. Nine others were killed in a similar demonstration in Salmas.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of IranFebruary 25, 1999

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