Statement No. 9
Only 50 votes cast in Jajarm with a population of 15,000
- Clashes between people and suppressive forces in Bahar, Saqqez, Salmas, Khonj, Marand and Ilam on election day

The Islamic councils' election sham was completely boycotted by residents in the city of Jajarm (northeast Khorassan province), according to reports received from within the clerical regime's Interior Ministry. Only 50 votes, by non-native mine workers, were cast in the city which has a population of 15,000.

In the city of Bahar (western Hamedan province), the head of a polling station shot and killed Nader Beik, who was protesting against the "Islamic councils' " election sham.

The incident occurred as the victim, a relative of one of the candidates, was protesting widespread rigging in the elections. Subsequently, a group of people staged a protest against his murder. The State Security Force intervened and arrested a number of demonstrators.

During the elections in Abe-garm village in Salmas (western Iran), a protester was shot and killed by the Guards Corps.

In the city of Saqqez (western Kurdistan province), the people staged a protest in the city's Oqab square to arrests in previous days. The Guards attacked the gathering and arrested a number of people.

Reports from different parts of Tehran and other cities, including Khonj, (southern Fars province), Marand (northwestern East Azerbaijan province), Ilam (western Ilam province) pointed to frequent clashes between the people and the regime's suppressive forces. A number of people were killed, wounded or arrested in these clashes.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 28, 1999

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