Iranian Resistance demands cancellation of contracts between ELF, Eni and mullahs

The Iranian Resistance condemns strongly the 540-million-dollar contract singed between the French ELF and the Italian Eni oil companies and the anti-human regime ruling Iran. Considering it contrary to the highest interests of the Iranian people, the Iranian Resistance demands the cancellation of this contract.

This contract is singed as last Friday, the United Nations Human Rights CommissionÕs Special Representative on Iran published his report detailing continuing flagrant human rights abuses in Iran, including executions, torture, lack of due process, violation of womenÕs basic rights, unfair trials and a chilling wave of mysterious political murders.

In recent days, the clerical regime has ruthlessly crushed several protests by residents in different Iranian cities, killing dozens and arresting thousands.

As far as the Iranian people, who seek to overthrow this regime, are concerned, these contracts, which only serve to prolong the reign of the ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship, are not at all acceptable. The Iranian Resistance, therefore, calls on the governments of France and Italy to oppose the signing of such contracts.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 2, 1999

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