70,000 arrested on pretext of drug smuggling
-212 arrests on a daily basis

In comments published on Wednesday in the state-run media, including the daily Hamshahri, Guards Corps Brig. Gen. Ali Shafi'i, Director General of the Anti-Drug Campaign in the State Security Force, acknowledged that the clerical regime had arrested 70,000 people in the past 11 months on "drug trafficking" charges.

In this way, 212 people have been arrested on narcotics charges everyday across the country.

The clerical regime has arrested or executed thousands of its political opponents on drug smuggling charges in the past two decades.

These widespread arrests are aimed at countering the increasing trend of anti-government protests. In the past year, there have been at least 505 protest actions, strikes and demonstrations by different sectors of society in more than 100 Iranian cities.

During the demonstration by 50,000 residents of Sanandaj (capital of the western Kurdistan province) on February 22, at least 20 were killed and 2,000 arrested.

Two days earlier, during clashes between the people and Guards Corps forces and Intelligence Ministry agents in Kamyaran in Kermanshah province, a large number of people were arrested and 400 wounded. Women comprised a large number of those wounded or arrested.

To suppress the protesters, the clerical regime dispatched several helicopters, carrying the Guards Corps' anti-riot forces from Kermanshah to this city.

The clerical regime's propaganda about combating the smuggling and distribution of drugs, comes while the mullahs are the primary source of narcotics' distribution and transit.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of international human rights bodies to the widespread wave of arrests and crackdown on the public's protest actions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 6, 1999

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