Protesting Iranians hurled colored eggs at Khatami's car today

Iranians residing in Rome hurled rotten and colored eggs at a car carrying Mohammad Khatami, the mullahs' criminal President, on two different locations today. The actions were statements of protest to Khatami's visit to Italy.

During Khatami's visit to Rome's municipality, his car was pelted with colored eggs.

In another act of protest, enraged Iranians pelted the car carrying Khatami with eggs when he was visiting the Prime Minister's office. After these courageous actions which were undertaken despite heavy police security, Italian television broadcast scenes of Khatami's car with paint splashed on it.

Chanting "Down with Khatami," "He is a terrorist and does not represent the Iranian people," Iranians expressed their repugnance and anger toward Khatami's presence in Italy.

News agencies reported that police had arrested three Iranians at the site of the unknown soldier while carrying placards with slogans against Khatami.

Opposition to Khatami's trip has spread throughout Italy. Yesterday, more than 5,000 Iranians staged an elaborate demonstration to condemn Khatami's trip to Italy. A number of Italian parliamentarians and senators joined the demonstrators, expressing their protest at Italy's hosting of criminal Khatami.

More than 14,000 residents of Rome signed petitions and wrote letters to state their opposition to Khatami's visit as well.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 10, 1999

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