Statement No. 6
Iranian Resistance condemns arrest of Iranians in Rome, demands their release

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the arrest of 16 Iranians who protested against Khatami's visit to Italy, and demands that they be released immediately and unconditionally. The protest by those arrested against Khatami's visit did not violate any law and their arrest is completely unjustified.

According to the Italian Police, 13 of those arrested had pelted the car carrying Khatami with paint-filled eggs as he was going to the municipality in Rome and later as he was entering the Prime Ministry's office. Three other persons were arrested at the memorial of the Unknown Soldier as "they were blowing balloons and holding posters with hostile slogans against Khatami." (AFP, March 10)

In another development, Police also stopped several dozen buses carrying hundreds of Iranians, who were on their way to take part in a protest in Florence, and demanded to search their belongings to make sure they did not carry any paint-filled eggs with them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 10, 1999

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