Statement No. 7
Fearing presence of Mojahedin sympathizers,
-Khatami cancels his meeting with regime's agents

A meeting scheduled for Khatami with the regime's agents and operatives in Italy was canceled at the last minute due to concerns over the presence of Mojahedin sympathizers.

The decision was reached after 5,000 Iranians took part, upon the Mojahedin's invitation, in an elaborate demonstration, condemning Khatami's visit to Italy.

The clerical regime's fear of protest actions by the Resistance's supporters came despite the fact that officials and the police in Italy have undertaken every security precaution to protect Khatami.

In an unprecedented move, yesterday and today, police arrested any Iranian seen near the routes used by Khatami's entourage or around the hotel where he is staying.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 10, 1999

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