Statement No. 9
Khatami receives more eggs in Florence

Last night, as Khatami was addressing the gathering at Florence University, the Iranians residing in Italy expressed their repugnance towards the mullahs' anti-human regime and their outrage at Khatami's presence in Italy by hurling eggs and chants of "Down with Khatami."

An Iranian protester hurled a paint-filled egg towards Khatami which hit and completely colored the widescreen showing his image.

Subsequently, an Iranian woman rose up and walked around the hall, holding an anti-Khatami banner and chanting "Down with Khatami."

The courageous act of protest by two Iranians was welcomed by the applause of the audience.

Earlier, the convoy of cars carrying Khatami was pelted with paint-filled eggs and the Italian Police arrested a number of the protesters.

Yesterday, at noon, the car carrying Khatami was hit with paint-filled eggs twice, as he was about to visit the municipality of Rome and the Prime Ministry.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 11, 1999

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