Statement No. 12
Picket across from Florence University
- Hundreds of Iranians said Khatami and mullahs do not represent Islam or Iran

Simultaneous with the speech of the clerical regime's criminal President at Florence University, 500 Iranians residing in Italy staged a protest demonstration across from the university and called for Khatami's expulsion from Italy.

The protesters chanted, "Mullahs are the No. 1 enemy of Islam," "Hail to Rajavi," "Down with Khatami." A number of families of victims of the regime's terrrorism had also participated in the picket line.

The protesters read out a resolution condeming the mullahs' regime and Khatami's visit to Italy and declared: Iran's ruling theocracy is an absolutely illegitimate regime in its entirety and is isolated among the peopleof Iran.

The resolution also says: Khatami's continued emphasis on the unrivaled role of the Intelligence Ministry and his admiration of the murderers and torturers of this ministry indicate that as far as suppression of the Iranian people and the usurption of their sovereignty is concerned, the mullahs are no different from one another.

The demonstrators emphasized: Any politial and economic investment on this faltering regime is doomed to fail. Diplomatic and trade ties with this regime will only encourage Iran's ruling mullahs in suppression and export of terrorism. Therefore, we urge all foreign governments to impose diplomatic and trade sanctions on this medieval dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 11, 1999

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