Clerical regime wants to spread repression to European streets

This afternoon, Hamid- Reza Assefi, the mullahs' Foreign Ministry spokesman, called on European countries to condemn the punishment of the criminal Maj. Gen. Ali Sayyad Shirazi, the butcher of Kurdistan, the murderer of the Mojahedin and responsible for the purge and execution of the armed forces' patriotic personnel. He brazenly said that he "is waiting for practical and public steps to be taken by these countries in dealing" with the Iranian Resistance.

Defending a criminal who for 20 years was one of the most senior officials responsible for countless atrocities and directly involved in the execution and massacre of thousands of people, and on the basis of all international conventions was considered as a war criminal, by Khatami's Foreign Ministry reflects, before anything else, that the mullahs' President and his cabinet are in no way different from other factions and leaders of the regime in suppressing and massacring the Iranian people. Yesterday, Khatami personally described the criminal Sayyad Shirazi as "the selfless soldier of Islam," "the valiant son of Iran" and "a brave and devoted soldier."

Also yesterday, mullahs' Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei formally lauded the atrocities perpetrated by Sayyad Shirazi in Kurdistan as liquidating the "counterrevolutionaries." In an interview rebroadcast on the state television on April 10, Sayyad Shirazi boasted that he and the forces under his command had killed countless number of the Mojahedin in 1988 during NLA's Eternal Light operation.

Khatami's Foreign Ministry went a step further today and called for restrictions imposed on activities of Iranian refugees and supporters of the Iranian Resistance who have always acted within the framework of the laws of their host countries.

At the same time, in his meeting with a German minister, Khatami impudently criticized "freedom of activities" by supporters of the Iranian Resistance in European countries. In this way, the clerical regime has called on Western countries to allow it to expand its repressive ways against Iranian dissidents to those countries.

This medieval regime has been condemned 43 times by the United Nations for violating human rights and export of terrorism. Its terrorists have either been condemned or are being legally pursued in many European courts, including those in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, etc., for assassinating their opponents abroad.

As the Iranian Resistance has repeatedly stated, all of its operations are undertaken in the framework of the Geneva Conventions and only directed at military targets and the regime's armed forces who are directly involved in the massacre and suppression of the Iranian people. Consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights rebellion "as a last recourse" against the religious fascism ruling Iran, is the legitimate right of the Iranian people.

In the past months, majorities in the parliaments of Britain, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, a majority in the United States Congress and many other lawmakers across the world have declared support for the Mojahedin and the NCR and described the resistance against the mullahs' medieval regime as the legitimate right of the Iranian people and consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 1999

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