NCR warns of clerical regime's acts of aggression against bases of Mojahedin and Iranian Resistance

The Iranian Resistance warns of air raids, missile attacks, and terrorist operations by the clerical regime against the bases and garrisons of the Mojahedin and National Liberation Army in Iraqi territory. The state-run newspapers in Iran, including the Tehran Times, today demanded that the regime's armed forces must immediately undertake "the strongest possible action to pound and annihilate all the bases of the Mojahedin in Iraq."

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Secretary General and Security Council to the acts of aggression by the mullahs' anti-human regime and calls for immediate measures to prevent such criminal assaults.

In the past years, the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran has launched 70 military and terrorist assaults against the bases and garrisons of the Iranian Resistance in the Iraqi territory, including air strikes, banned Scud-B missiles, giant 320-mm super mortars and Katyusha rockets.

In the past, the clerical regime's fighter jets have repeatedly attacked the Iranian Resistance bases by violating the northern and southern no-fly zones to reach their targets.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 12, 1999

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