Mullahs' regime carries out six executions, one stoning

According to the state-run media, the mullahs' regime hanged six persons on April 14 in Tehran's Qasr prison. The day before, Ahmad Asgharpour was stoned in the northern city of Babol after receiving 60 lashes.

Those hanged were Faramarz Azar-A'een (aged 31), Manouchehr Ali Bakhshi (aged 23), Karam Shirin Kalam, Hassan Gazaki, Qassem Qanbarian and Ramezan Reza'i (Iran daily, April 15, 1999).

The number of executions announced during Khatami's tenure thus exceeds 350 and the number of stonings in the same period stands at 10.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on the current session of the United Nations Human Rights Commission and its member states to set aside political and economic considerations and strongly condemn the increasing wave of executions and stonings as well as the continuing human rights violations during Khatami's tenure.

Any concessions to, and leniency toward, the clerical regime and reluctance to adopt decisive resolutions only embolden the clerical regime to continue and step up executions and stoning. By the same token, the policy of appeasement pursued by a number of Western countries since Khatami took office has had no effect whatsoever in improving the situation of human rights in Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 16, 1999

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