Mullahs' regime attributes lies to foreign countries and organs against Iranian Resistance

The propaganda organs of the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran have in recent weeks attributed totally false remarks to officials and spokesmen of European foreign ministries and the United Nations.

Media contacts with the United Nations in New York and these foreign ministries indicate that despite the clerical regime's high-powered propaganda, except for Britain's Foreign Office - which has special ties with the mullahs' ruling Iran - no government has condemned the Mojahedin over the operation to punish Maj. Gen. Ali Sayyad Shirazi.

The target of the operation was a military and armed officer and according to international conventions, that operation could not be described as terrorism.

Contrary to the regime's false propaganda, the press offices of the United Nations and most European countries say they have simply repeated their usual position on terrorism in respond to repeated and persist inquiries by the mullahs' official news agency, IRNA.

That such a position has been distorted and used against the Mojahedin in the clerical regime's propaganda must be seen in the context of the mullahs' dire propaganda needs against the Iranian Resistance.

Obviously, such lies and absurd remarks by the mullahs are devoid of any political value and only reflect the regime's desperation and weakness in the confronting the Iranian people's nationwide Resistance.

Foreign Affairs Commission of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 28, 1999

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