Thousands of workers clash with State Security Force in Tehran

Thousands of workers staged a demonstration and a march in Tehran on May Day, despite the fact that Khatami's Interior Ministry had banned any rallies and marches by workers on this occasion.

The rally began in Tehran's Baharestan square as large groups of people joined the workers and marched toward the mullahs' Majlis. The clerical regime had dispatched 800 anti-riot guards to the area to prevent the workers' rally.

The guards attacked the demonstrators near Hassan-abad square, but faced the workers' resistance and reaction. In the ensuing clashes, large numbers of the anti-riot forces were beaten up. During the march, workers chanted slogans against the regime's leaders.

In addition to Tehran, other cities across the country were the scenes of demonstrations and clashes between workers and the regime's suppressive forces. In Khorramabad (capital of the western Lorestan province), workers staged rallies and demonstrations in four different locations.

They clashed with the State Security Force and the Guards Corps near district 2 municipality, Badr-Abad garrison, Masour region, 20 km from the city, and near the oil refinery.

In a message on May Day, NCR President Massoud Rajavi had called on Iranian workers to step up their protests and strikes.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of international human rights organizations, particularly those defending workers' rights, including the International Labor Organization, ILO, to the brutal suppression of Iranian workers and urges them to condemn the mullahs' crimes against Iranian workers and toiling masses.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 1, 1999

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