Clerical regime continues efforts to put a lid on recent political murders

More than five months after the recent wave of political murders and repeated promises by Khatami and the investigative mission he appointed to introduce the masterminds and the perpetrators of these crimes, the mullahs' judicial officials have, in recent days, cited such pretexts as "confidentiality of the case," "national security" and "public chastity," dashing any prospects to clarify the facts about this case.

In a meeting with the Judiciary officials, the Judiciary Chief Mohammad Yazdi insisted that the case must be kept confidential. He added that the details "would be made public only after the basis for keeping the information confidential is removed."

Head of the Armed Forces' Judicial Organization mullah Mohammad Niazi added that if "such problems as national security or violating public chastity exist," the trial would not be public.

He also repeated the preposterous claim about the involvement of foreign elements in the murders, adding: "There are indications that these actions were directed by foreigners."

Niazi reiterated: "It is difficult to set a time-table for completing the investigations in this case. But we hope that it would end by the end of the year (11 months from now)." It is therefore clear that the mullahs intend to conceal the role of the regime's most senior officials in these murders by prolonging the process.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 4, 1999

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