Iranian Resistance condemns upgrading ties with mullahs

The Foreign Ministry of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship announced that "by upgrading the charge d'affaires to the level of ambassador, Iran and Great Britain have taken a major step in normalizing ties."

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns upgrading ties with the clerical regime. Just two weeks ago, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted a resolution, the forty-forth document of censure of the clerical regime by different UN organs, expressing concern over the increase in executions, suppression of religious minorities and discrimination against women.

Experience has shown that any political or economic concessions to the theocracy ruling Iran will only embolden the Tehran rulers to persist in the suppression, torture and massacre of the Iranian people, export of terrorism and enmity to peace.

As far as the Iranian people are concerned, the clerical regime and all its factions are devoid of any legitimacy. The policy of appeasement and support for the clerical regime in only reminiscent of Western government's support for the shah's regime in the last phase of his rule. It will bring nothing but loss for the mullahs' international interlocutors.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - London
May 4, 1999

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