Iranian Resistance strongly condemns billion-dollar contract between Italy and mullahs' regime

The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the one-billion-dollar contract signed between the Italian firm, Ensaldo, and the anti-human regime ruling Iran. It considers as counter to the highest interests of the Iranian people and calls for its cancellation.

The signing of this contract is a blatant snub to recognized principles of human rights. Just two weeks ago, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights adopted a resolution, expressing concern over the continuing and severe violations of human rights, including the increase in executions, torture, the lack of due process of law, discrimination against women and religious minorities.

Experience has shown that any political or economic concessions will embolden the clerical regime to persist in the suppression of the Iranian people, export of terrorism and enmity to peace.

Engulfed in internal crises and unable to confront the nationwide Resistance, the clerical regime has enter the final phase of its rule and has no escape from inevitable overthrow. As such, signing such contracts will have nothing but losses for its international interlocutors.

Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Rome
May 4, 1999

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