Quoting chairman of Norwegian parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, clerical regime disseminates lies against Mojahedin

Mr. Parviz Khazai, NCR's representative in Nordic countries, met yesterday at the parliament of Norway with Mr. Haaken Blankenborg, chairman of the parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee.

The NCR representative pointed to the latest developments in Iran and continuing human rights abuses and export of terrorism during Khatami's tenure. He also addressed the latest achievements of the Iranian Resistance in different political, military and international arenas.

Mr. Khazai also informed the Norwegian parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee chairman that the Iranian regime had taken advantage of the recent trip to Tehran by a Norwegian delegation, headed by Mr. Blankenborg, and that it had quoted him as condemning the Resistance's military operations and the punishment of Ali Sayyad Shirazi.

In the meeting, Mr. Blankenborg denied making such remarks, adding, "consistent with Norway's over all policy, the Foreign Affairs Committee does not pass judgment on the activities of any liberation movement, especially the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran." Mr. Blankenborg underscored that he had only condemned terrorism in general, reiterating that any organization or person in Norway has the right to live and engage in political activities in that country on the basis of Norway's laws.

As regards human rights violations in Iran, the Norwegian parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee chairman stressed that the policy of his committee is the same as the policy of Norway which is actively endeavoring to secure UN's condemnation of human rights abuses in Iran.

Clearly, remarks by Mr. Blankenborg censuring terrorism is, first and foremost, directed against the clerical regime which is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and has in the course of hundreds of terrorist operations in the past 20 years murdered or wounded thousands of Iranian dissidents and foreign nationals around the world.

Different United Nations organs have in the past years condemned the clerical regime forty-four times for severe human rights abuses and export of terrorism.

Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 13, 1999

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