Thousands of south Tehran residents stage protest against torture of youths by Guards Corps Bassij

The Revolutionary Guards Corps' para-military Bassij force arrested and tortured two teenagers on Friday, May 8, in south Tehran's Khani-Abad district in the area's Al-Rassoul mosque.

Thousands of residents demonstrated in front of the mosque on Wednesday, May 12, to protest this barbaric action. They also chanted slogans against the regime's leaders and those in charge of the Bassij.

Members of the Bassij had arrested the two youngsters on the charge of possessing narcotics. After severely beating them up, the Guards took them to Al-Rassoul mosque in Khani-Abad, where they were brutally tortured by officials in charge of the mosque. The victims' heads, faces, feet, and back were badly bruised due to torture.

The families of the two victims and angry residents clashed with members of the Bassij and forced them to release the teenagers who were subsequently taken to hospital by the people.

Fearing growing anger and protests by the people, the clerical regime dispatched a number of the Revolutionary Guards to the area on Wednesday, May 12, on the pretext of investigating the matter. The Guards and the members of the Bassij force in the Al-Rassoul mosque opened fire on one another. Several from both sides were wounded.

The protest by residents which had begun at 8:30 a.m., continued for four hours, despite the Guards and members of the Bassij opening fire on the protesters. A number of people were wounded and several arrested.

So extensive was this protest that the state run media, including Arya and Khordad dailies, were compelled to print brief reports about it yesterday.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 18, 1999

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