Khamenei launches new counter-attack on Khatami's faction

Lashing out at Khatami's faction, yesterday, mullahs' leader Ali Khamenei flatly rejected any revision of "the Guardian Council's supervisory role [in determining the competence of candidates]."

In his poignant remarks, he emphasized: "The wrangling [about this matter] is among baseless arguments that lack any roots. It is designed to undermine the Guardian Council and place elements who oppose Islam, the Imam [Khomeini] and the state, in the country's legislative body."

Pointing to the rival faction's extensive efforts in the Majlis and the media to eliminate or change this "supervisory role," he said, "they are gravely mistaken. No such thing will ever happen."

Consisting entirely of pro-Khamenei members, the Guardian Council has the task of determining the competence of candidates for different elections in the clerical regime. As the sixth Majlis [parliamentary] elections draw closer, this issue has aggravated the regime's internal conflicts.

Khamenei also displayed his fear of the dangers freedom of speech and the press pose to the regime's existence. Referring to Khatami's Guidance Minister, he said: "Disseminating wrong ideas and directional opinions falls within the framework of a plan to overthrow and undermine the security of the state and is, therefore, harmful." He underscored that censorship is a vital issue.

Concerned about the public's enthusiasm toward the Resistance's television programs, Khamenei endorsed the ban on the use of satellite dishes, adding, "we must identify and implement ways to prevent satellite [programs] from infiltrating [homes]."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 19, 1999

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