Khamenei brazenly orders jamming of Resistance's television program

In a statement issued today, NCR's Committee on Public Relations, described recent remarks by the mullahs' leader Ali Khamenei about taking any action to "prevent the influence of satellite programs," as reflecting the clerical regime's increasing fear of the growing enthusiasm by the public and especially the younger generation toward the Iranian Resistance's television programs. In his May 18 speech Khamenei had underscored the need to ban the use of satellite, adding: "The law to ban satellite dishes which the Islamic Consultative Majlis [parliament] adopted, was a correct and appropriate law."

He had stressed: "... It is not reasonable to remove all legal barriers before hand on the pretext that satellite technology will advance in the years to come... Instead, we must identify ways to prevent the influence of satellite programming in line with advancement in satellite technology and implement it... Disseminating wrong ideas and manipulative opinions falls within the framework of a plan to overthrow and undermine the security of the state and is, therefore, harmful." Endorsing unequivocally censorship and the ban on whatever the regime does not see fit, Khamenei said: "This censorship is vital."

Ms. Zahra Merrikhi, Chairwoman of NCR's Committee on Public Relations said in this respect: "Khamenei's reference to identifying 'ways to prevent the influence of satellite' is resorting to the clerical regime's routine practice of jamming the Iranian Resistance's television program, Simayeh Moqavemat."

The clerical regime has jammed transmitters broadcasting Simayeh Moqavemat five times in the last two years (April and August 1977, July 1998, and February and March 1999), each time lasting for several weeks.

She said that the admission and clear directive by the clerical regime's highest ranking official to jam satellite programs was another step by this medieval regime to violate international laws. Ms. Merrikhi called on relevant international organs, such as the International Telecommunications Union to condemn the extension of the mullahs' terrorism to satellite communications and undertake the necessary steps to impose binding punishments against the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 25, 1999

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