Rajavi: Fearing overthrow, Khatami relies solely on Ministry of Intelligence

Meeting yesterday with the Minister and other officials of the Ministry of Intelligence, mullahs' president Mohammad Khatami said: "My look to freedom is in the context of preserving the state. Security is the most fundamental pillar of the state and the sole axis for security is the Ministry of Intelligence. In practice, emphasis must be laid upon the pivotal role and awareness of the Ministry and this is a serious matter." He added: "The limit of freedom is not to disrupt religious foundations."

Without making any reference whatsoever to political killings in Iran in recent months, Khatami said: "We consider strengthening the Intelligence Ministry as strengthening the country just as we view weakening it as weakening the state, something which we would under no circumstances tolerate."

The National Council of Resistance's President Massoud Rajavi said: In his speech to the Intelligence Ministry's henchmen and executioners, Khatami demonstrated palpably his sinister and suppressive nature.

Mr. Rajavi added: This phony reformer, who claimed two years ago to be relying on 20 million votes and superficially spoke of the rule of law, freedom and civil society, is now so desperate in the face of the rising just Resistance of the Iranian people and terrified of the regime's overthrow that he himself acknowledges "to relay solely on the Intelligence Ministry" and declares security as "the most fundamental pillar of the state." His remarks come despite the fact that several months ago, Khatami had announced that the Intelligence Ministry was responsible for the recent political killings.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 30, 1999

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