Rajavi to G8 Leaders: Cut off economic and diplomatic ties with Iran regime, condemn mullahs' rights abuses, terrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction

In a letter to the Leaders of the Industrialized countries on the eve of the G8 summit in Cologne, Germany, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance and Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army of Iran, called on them to condemn in their summit the clerical regime's human rights abuses, export of terrorism, the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially the heinous terrorist crime on June 9 and the missile attack on June 10 against the Iranian Resistance. He also urged them to refrain from and cut off trade and diplomatic ties with Iran's rulers.

Mr. Rajavi underscored that a policy of conciliation and appeasement toward the mullahs' regime by a number of Western countries on the pretext that Khatami is a "moderate" has further emboldened the regime to export terrorism and use weapons of mass destruction.

The NCR President added: Time has come for the G8 to recognize the right of the Iranian people to resist against this medieval dictatorship and establish democracy and national sovereignty in their homeland.

Mr. Rajavi wrote: Several days ago on June 10, the clerical regime blatantly violated the U.N. Security Council Resolution 598 and launched three proscribed Scud-B missiles against one of the bases of the Iranian Resistance, 80 km deep inside Iraq. The decision to launch the missiles was taken during a meeting of the Supreme State Security Council presided over by Mohammad Khatami. A day before, the mullahs targeted a Mojahedin's civilian bus near a hospital in Baghdad with a car bomb, which killed six members of the Mojahedin and wounded 21 more.

NCR President stressed that during Khatami's two-year tenure, there have been 420 announced executions, 10 cases of stoning in public, 34 assassinations of dissidents abroad and 47 political murders inside the country. Death under torture, secret execution of political prisoners, massacre of defenseless protesters and suppression and systematic discrimination against women and religious minorities continue, he added.

Mr. Rajavi said: The 200% rise in protests by the people at large, workers and students as well as the dramatic rise in the military operations of the Resistance movement, targeting the mullahs' primary military and suppressive centers and officials have shaken the foundations of the regime.

Addressing the G8 leaders, he reiterated that in view of the expansion of the Resistance across the country and the rapid and irreversible escalation of the mullahs' internal feuding, the regime has entered the phase of being overthrown and that everything within the regime must be settled before the next presidential elections in May 2001.

It is not without reason that in order to confront this situation, Iran's criminal rulers have desperately resorted to barbaric suppression at home, bombings and blind terrorism as well as the use of banned weapons of mass destruction and unscrupulous violation of United Nations resolutions, Mr. Rajavi underlined. In such circumstances, he said, the claims about moderation of the mullahs and Khatami's rhetoric about d'tente have no aim other than to secure economic and political concessions.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 14, 1999

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