Rajavi urges Arab leaders to condemn clerical regime's terrorism and use of WMD

In separate letters to the leaders of Arab countries, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and Commander in Chief of the National Liberation Army, wrote: "In the name of the Iranian people and their Resistance and in the name of Islamic solidarity, I urge you to condemn the clerical regime's crimes and flagrant acts of aggression against the Iranian people and their Resistance. I also urge you to take measures making all trade and diplomatic ties with the mullahs' anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian regime conditional upon an end to the regime's crimes against the Iranian people and export of terrorism to other countries in the region."

Mr. Rajavi wrote: "On Thursday, June 10, the mullahs' regime fired three Scud-B missiles at a National Liberation Army camp, 80 kilometers deep inside Iraq. One day earlier, the clerical regime used a car bomb to attack a passenger bus near a hospital in Baghdad. Six Mojahedin members, including two women, were killed and 21 injured. A large number of Iraqi citizens suffered serious injuries in the attack."

The Iranian Resistance leader added: "Unable to confront the growing nationwide Resistance inside Iran and in a bid to overcome the crises engulfing their faltering regime, the ruling mullahs are resorting to the most heinous suppression, bomb attacks, blind acts of terrorism and the use of proscribed weapons of mass destruction, brazenly violating United Nations resolutions."

Mr. Rajavi warned that the Tehran rulers' firing of Scud-B missiles at targets deep inside Iraqi territory must sound the alarm because it means the mullahs' acts of aggression will not be limited to the Mojahedin or to targets in Iraq. The fundamentalist regime in Iran could jeopardize peace, tranquillity and security in the entire region in order to overcome the insurmountable crises facing it.

Mr. Rajavi added: "Appeasement of the clerical regime on such hollow pretense as 'backing Khatami's moderation' have emboldened the regime in its use of weapons of mass destruction. Two years after Khatami's inauguration, the claims about the mullahs' moderation and their rhetoric about "detente" were proven to be a mirage. They served only one purpose: gaining economic and political concessions from other countries."

The NCR President wrote: "The reaction of Muslim countries to the Tehran regime's crimes and aggression will undoubtedly be a test of Islamic and regional friendship and brotherly relations that the Iranian people will never forget, especially at a time when the mullahs' regime is on its last legs."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 15, 1999

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