As G8 summit opens, 15,000 Iranians call for condemnation of mullahs' regime for its use of weapons of mass destruction and export of terrorism
- Parliamentarians from across Europe and U.S. express solidarity with Iranian Resistance in speeches and messages

As the Group of Eight summit opened, 15,000 Iranians in Germany staged a demonstration in Cologne at midday today, calling on the G8 nations to condemn the use of Scud missiles and weapons of mass destruction by the mullahs' regime.

The clerical regime's terrorists used a car bomb to blow up a Mojahedin passenger bus north of Baghdad on June 9, killing six Mojahedin members and wounding 21 others. On June 10, the Tehran regime fired four proscribed Scud missiles at an Iranian Resistance basecamp in Iraq.

Carrying large portraits of the Iranian Resistance's leadership and pictures of slain Mojahedin, group after group of Iranians coming from all over Germany converged on Clever Strasse, adjacent to the site of the summit, hours before the rally began. In their banners and slogans, they called for the condemnation of the mullahs' regime and its embargo by the industrialized countries. The local authorities had to stop the flow of traffic for several hours in the surrounding streets due to large number of participants in the rally.

The program started with the official anthem of the National Council of Resistance, "Iran, Land of Glory". Then, amid euphoric reactions by the crowd, the video recorded message of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, addressing the crowd, was shown. Mrs. Rajavi said: "All those professing to defend human rights and democracy and those who claim to be fighting terrorism must speak out against the terrorist outrages committed by the mullahs' regime. If they remain silent and apathetic in the face of the mullahs' state terrorism, they will lose their credibility. This is a test for all government leaders and all advocates of peace and human rights, who must vehemently condemn the mullahs' crimes."

The message of Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi to the leaders of the major industrialized countries was then read out.

A number of German parliamentarians, including Mrs. Von Renesse and Mr. Fuhrmann addressed the crowd and expressed their solidarity with the Iranians and the Iranian Resistance. Mr. Giulio Savelli, a member of parliament from Italy who traveled to Cologne to express his solidarity with the demonstrators, also addressed the rally.

Mrs. Sarvnaz Chitsaz, Chairwoman of the NCR's Committee on Women, Dr. Saleh Rajavi, Chairman of the Committee on Health, and Dr. Karim Qassim, Chairman of the Committee on the Environment, addressed the gathering in the presence of German and foreign journalists.

A large number of parliamentarians and political figures from the United States and various European countries declared their support for the Iranian people and their Resistance in messages of solidarity.

The crowd then began marching in orderly rows, chanting "Down with Khamenei, Down with Khatami, Long live Rajavi," "Stop appeasing the mullahs," "Condemn use of weapons of mass destruction by the clerical regime." They eventually returned to the original site.

At the end of the demonstration, Dr. Massoumeh Blourchi, the representative of the National Council of Resistance in Germany read the demonstration's resolution.

The eight-point resolution urged the G-8 leaders to condemn the clerical regime's use of weapons of mass destruction, to stop trade and diplomatic ties with this regime and to recognize the Iranian people's resistance for overthrowing this regime.

The resolution also called for cancellation of any trip by senior officials of the G-8 countries to Iran and visits by the clerical regime's officials to these countries. The demonstrators emphasized in their resolution that the ruling mullahs have no support among Iranian people and that Iran's seats in international forums should be rendered to the National Council of Resistance and it President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi who enjoys the support of majority of Iranian people.

The NCR president's letter and the rally's resolution were submitted to the Secretariat of the Summit by a delegation from the NCR at the end of the demonstration.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 18, 1999

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