Iranian Resistance condemns beating and arrest of hundreds of Iranians by German Police
- Following 15,000-strong demonstration of Iranians in Cologne on June 18, Iranian regime asked Germany to prevent demonstrations by Iranians

A large number of Iranians were beaten up and arrested by the Police of Germany this morning as they were going to take part in a peaceful and legal demonstration near the Dom Church in Cologne.

Thousands of people were to participate in this demonstration which was schedueled to take place at a square near the G-8 Summit. The German Police prevented this demonstration, by arresting hundreds of people and transferring them to an unknown location. Dozens of people have been wounded by the Police. At least ten of those injured have been transferred to hospital.

One of those injured is Mr. Hossein Abedini, whose head skull has been broken and is in critical condition. Mr. Abedini is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, who had been target of the cleical regime's terrorists in Turkey in 1990 and critically wounded.

In a peaceful demonstration on Friday, simultaneous with the G-8 Summit, more than 15,000 Iranians called for condemnation of the violations of human rights in Iran and the clerical regime's terrorism and use of weapons of mass destruction against the Mojahedin.

Reports from Iran indicate that the clerical regime, extremely infuriated by the demonstration on Friday and its international impact, has asked the Government of Germany to halt the continuation of these demonstrations by supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Germany while the Summit is in procession.

Scenes from the German Police's ruthless treatment of Iranians has been broadcast by some TV networks in Germany, shocking supporters of freedom of expression.

The Iranian Resistance vehemently condemns this dirty deal, and the arrest and violent beating of Iranian dissidents and demands their immediate release.

The Iranian Resistance also urges all democratic groups and human rights organizations to condemn the fascist measures today by the German Police.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 20, 1999

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