Statement No. 2
Hundreds of arrested Iranians stage hunger strike in Cologne and Bonn
- Following 15,000-strong demonstration of Iranians in Cologne on June 18, Iranian regime asked Germany to prevent demonstrations by Iranians

According to reports from Germany, hundreds of Iranians who have been arrested by the German Police, staged hunger strike in the detention centers in Cologne and Bonn. They declared that as long as the Police does not apologize about its illegal action and release all of those detained, they will continue their hunger strike.

These Iranians were going to take part in a peaceful and authorized demonstration by thousands of people which was to take place near the site of the G-8 Summit.

Police beat up and illegally arrested hundreds of Iranians who were going to paticipate in this demonstration near Dom Church.

Dozens of people were wounded, some of whom were transferred to hospital.

According to reports from Tehran, in the wake of the 15,000-strong demonstration of Iranians on June 18 against violations of human rights in Iran and the clerical regime's use of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction against the Mojahedin, the Iranian regime asked the Government of Germany to prevent demonstrations by Iranians.

According to these same reports, a 30-man delegation from Germany is presently in Tehran, busy negotiating with the officials of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 20, 1999

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