Mullahs' regime assumes responsibility for car bomb attack on a Mojahedin bus north of Baghdad

The state-run daily, Ressalat, acknowledged in its Saturday, June 26, issue that the terrorist car bomb attack on a Mojahedin passenger bus in Baghdad on June 9 was the work of the mullahs' terrorists: "The new strike at the Monafeqin (regime's term for Mojahedin) in Baghdad showed that the (Islamic Republic) regime has not been neglectful of its major responsibilities."

The ruling mullahs thus admit to their heinous terrorist crime; a crime that left behind seven dead and dozens wounded, including many innocent women and children traveling on an inter-city bus that was also destroyed in the indiscriminate car bomb attack. The Iranian Resistance once again underlines the need for condemnation of the religious, terrorist regime of the mullahs and calls for the adoption of serious, binding decisions to counter the mullahs' unbridled terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 28, 1999

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