Hollow show of amnesty amid widespread arrests in June

In a hollow maneuver on the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet of Islam, the clerical regime claimed that "1,954 prisoners convicted by the Islamic Revolutionary, general and military tribunals" have been granted amnesty.

This ridiculous ploy is designed only to cover up the persistent and flagrant violations of human rights, and does not include any prisoners of conscience.

Reports from Iran indicate that the clerical regime has stepped up suppression of the general public in an unprecedent manner in the month of June. It has created a de facto state of siege in many cities, arresting and imprisoning a large number of youths and supporters of the Iranian Resistance under inhuman conditions.

The head of the National Organization of Prisons announced last year that due to large number of prisoners, they have turned even libraries, mosques and cultural clubs into jails. The clerical regime faces a serious shortage of prison space and absence of minimum facilities for prisoners.

Mullah Morteza Moqtada'ii, the regime's Prosecutor General, also confessed last Sunday, that the prisons were full and that political prisoners were deliberately claimed as ordinary prisoners and "criminals."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 1, 1999

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