Fingers amputated in public
21 men's fingers cut off in past two weeks

The clerical regime's state-run newspapers announced yesterday that the fingers of the right hand of three men were cut off in the city of Tabriz, northwestern Iran. (Salam, July 5, 1999)

The number of persons whose right hand fingers have been cut off over the past two weeks thus reaches 21.

The state-run daily, Kayhan, reported on June 22 that four fingers of the right hands of three men were cut off in public in the Fajr Garden of Tabriz. The next day on June 23, the Qods daily reported of 15 men sentenced to have their four fingers of the right hand cut off.

The execution of at least 420 persons have been announced by the state-run newspapers since Khatami took office. Ten persons have been stoned in public. Medieval and degrading punishments are officially carried out in Iran in the framework of the country's laws.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of relevant international authorities and human rights organizations to the flagrant violations of human rights in Iran and urges them to adopt practical measures to confront the inhuman behavior of Iran's ruling mullahs.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 6, 1999

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